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All You Need To Know About Outcall Massage

Even if it may seem as it is intuitive, people continue to struggle and they do not understand what it is the difference between the outcall and in-call massage.

The incall massage takes place in the office of a therapist; it can be a salon or a clinic. There is no need to provide anything since the facility has everything needed. The outcall massage is also known as the onsite, mobile or housecall massage. This is when a therapist has to travel to the office, hotel room and the office of the client to offer the service.

When the patient gets incall service, the therapist will be able to offer the service efficiently and they will not have to spend time to travel. There is the limited time to do the set up and this is why the option is not that expensive. A client who needs the therapist to come to him, he will be the one to cover for the expenses on his own.

The outcall service is an opposite of the incall services and it will depend on which distance a therapist should travel. The difference is found with the price and it can be up to 20 percent up to 100 percent. The idea of keeping the price down is to ensure that many people can get the services at once.

When it comes to choose between the two services, it is better to understand the cons and the pros of these options. With the incall massage, the client can control the music, lighting and temperature used during such session and it enhances the relaxation. There will be no distraction or disruption, the children, noise or telephones. Every type of the massage you want will have been provided for and it will be readily available with the incall service. Different massage techniques can also be combined within one session.

Of the outcall services, you will be in a familiar surrounding and you can control your own surrounding. This can be a good option, if you are in a new city and you are not sure of where to go to get the massage. When you call the therapist for the in call massage, there is no need to go out anymore. You will not have to travel and you can relax and take a nap after the massage without being worried that you should go back to your home. This is convenient and it saves you on travel expenses and time.

The therapists will also choose to offer the outcall services to the clients who have special needs like these who suffer terminal illness or who are less able.

The outcall service is being marketed to a number of different target groups. The services can be marketed as therapeutic or massage. Some service providers can introduce themselves to temporary housing, executive inns, lodges and hotels and they will be called when a client needs the services.

Different massage providers will charge different fee, but they all consider the travel time, the set up and the take down time.

It is safe?

Because most of the time the therapists who offer the outcall massage can be confused as sex workers, the therapists will be careful when it comes to choose the client they want to meet. When you call, the client will want to know your names, your phone number and how you came to know about their services. The therapist will want to know if it is the first time that you are calling, how long the cession may take, if it is a male or a female therapist you want, the type of the massage that a client wants and what the client expects during the massage.

What are the benefits?

Being in the familiar surroundings

The best part of having the therapist come to you is that you will be in your own surrounding. When you get the massage in the area that you are not accustomed to, you may fail to relax.

Immediate response

Most of the time: the business experts may have to go back to their work because of many reasons. The expert of a business may need to be accessible by a short notice regardless at which time of a day. In this circumstance, there is a need to use an outcall massage to help the client to relax and to deal with the business needs whenever he is needed.

Reliability and efficiency

You may request to get the massage anytime of the day because what you have to do is to book for the required services. The expert masseuse will arrive at the required time and you do not have to worry about anything on your turn.

Outcall professionalism

The experts who offer this type of services, they are aware of what it is needed. You will not get low quality services compared to what you would expect from the office itself. These therapists are hard working, dedicated, amicable and reliable. When they talk to you for some minutes, they will understand the type of the massage you need according to the needs you have at hand.


The outcall massage will include considerable measures with trust and discretion. Your needs, discretion and safety will be on the top priority of what the therapist wants to achieve.


There is a safety feature when you call for the outcall service to your home or hotel suit. In some area, it is not safe to go around especially for business people who have enough cash. Having someone to come to the hotel can be secure.

However, before you decide to get the massage, you should keep in mind that it is costly compared to incall service.

If you are in a hotel, you should let someone at the hotel know that you are expecting someone to come and to do the massage. A therapist may also have to call someone to let him know where she is and what she is doing for her safety.

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