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How To Give A NURU Massage

First, giving a Nuru Massage entails a through preparation of the Nuru Massage Kit. The Nuru Massage Kit is a complete set up for the massage environment from beddings, lighting and sensuous soundtrack. It is highly recommended that you set the mood by lighting some candles of dim light and turn on some soft music in the background. In reality, Nuru massage is administered on a slippery surface. Therefore, you should set the massage table in such a manner that it does not absorb the gel whilst allowing the maximum glide possible. Typically the massage table is made up of a plastic sheet or a vinyl blow-up mattress. On the other hand, the Nuru Massage Kit offers an exclusive experience since its comes with a solid, clear sheet that fits on massage tables and beds- with reusable functionality- by spreading it out whenever you need to use it. Secondly, the set up can be complimented by placing pillows or rolled towels along the edges of the massage table.

Begin the actual massage

Once you are done with this setup, you can then proceed to begin the actual massage. First, warm the concentrated Nuru gel by putting the closed bottle in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Take care to place the bottle up right to avoid the water from mixing with the concentrated water. Whilst you wait for it to warm, prepare a bowl of warm water to mix with it once it is ready to make the gel thin enough for use. Ideally, the gel works best when thin and on wet skin so that it can run smoothly on the skin with a truly slippery feel.

Once the gel is ready get your client to shower to clean and relax the muscles. Now this the time to Nuru, that is, get slippery and sensually intimate with your client by prompting them to lie down on the massage table or bed. First, apply the gel on your hands and then on their skin from the shoulders to their toes and position yourself on top of them in whatever position your prefer. However, it is a noble idea to start with the mystery face-down position. Close your eyes and let your sensual instincts guide you as you glide against the client’s body. Keep the movement and enliven it by lathering some gel on your body and drizzle some on your client to keep the slippery feel uninterrupted.

Finishing up

Apply your hands and legs to form your body into different shapes and glide along the client’s body back and forth repetitively, closer and more intense in every move. Make yourself comfortable on intense body-to- body contact as you mount yourself on the client allowing for a firmer grip with every move.

Alternate forming your body into different shapes with griping your partner’s body by your legs and arms followed by grinding your buttons and pelvis against them. Allow your breast to lower by leaning forward over the back and down the buttocks of your client. Lastly, switch from this position to lying down and slide and glide your body along the client’s slowly and nicely.

A Nuru massage experience

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