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What Does Erotic Massage Mean?

Erotic massage is also referred to as lingam massage. Ideally, erotic massage is basically a massage which focuses more on the erogenous zones of the body which trigger sexual arousal. It is a very sexual massage type since it aimed at getting the client sexually excited. An erotic massage is performed not only for pleasure, but also as a therapy to heal sexual health complications such as erectile dysfunction. Technically, erotic massage is administered by stroking and stimulating the skin to excite the sexually sensitive network of nerves throughout the body. Truly, the skin is the largest organ through which physical touch relays tenderness through caressing and fondling of the skin. Erotic massage is an effective therapy to bring to the fore sexual desire and intense emotions through which the body and mind is nourished.

At VegasMassageGirls we understand the dynamics and the benefits of erotic massage and thus we are competent in providing our clients with an overall relaxing experience in enhancing their sex life and sexual arousal.

What are the benefits of Erotic Massage?

What Does Erotic Massage Mean

Erotic massage is such a profound therapy that has numerous benefits that affect major physiological processes in the body. The main benefits of erotic massage are an improved circulation, muscle relaxation and an improved skin tone. Erotic massage has also been linked to a better detoxification process. In addition, erotic massage helps the body release its own endorphins, which contribute to an even level of other body hormones that regulate mood and metabolism. All these benefits are easy to reap with a regular massage by ordering a most fulfilling erotic massage with VegasMassageGirls.

Is erotic massage safe?

Maybe you are new to erotic massage or you are inherently wondering whether erotic massage is a safe practice. First, erotic massage is a form of therapy that has been practiced for many years throughout history. It dates back to the pre-Christian civilizations of Greece, Egypt and Rome. In fact, erotic massage is also taught in therapy schools. It also comes with safety standards and precautions to ensure that recipient largely benefits from this therapy. Simply put, erotic massage is introduced with a relaxing massage. This is followed by a standard break to help each nerve unwind. The recipient of an erotic massage receives high receptor sensitivity from the administration of smooth, slow strokes as per their preference.

Erotic massage also comes with a lubrication guideline. On top of the natural body oil, the masseuse applies pleasant lubrication oil such as olive oil to make the touch and strokes as desirable as possible. The use of lubricating oil is also meant to create a sense of aromatherapy. However, you should take caution when choosing a natural since some commercial oils on sale today are not suitable for soft skin tissues of the genitals. Such oils can cause an undesirable allergic skin rush.

Now that you know what erotic massage means do not shy away from booking an erotic massage with VegasMassageGirls. It could be exactly what you need to build a better sex drive or prolong your capacity to enjoy sexual pleasure. Essentially touch is a healing modality that largely promotes, heightened personal awareness, pleasure and empowerment in which you will learn how to receive and deeply appreciate your own sensations. Unlike standard therapeutic massages, you should expect to feel a wholesome full-body sensation that treats you as whole-being with an integral connection to profound pleasure and deserving of ecstasy.

An erotic massage will teach you how to appreciate your natural erotic wiring by allowing yourself to feel a borderless expression of sexual energy. This comes with a loss of both anxiety and distraction as your body attunes to a state of bliss and a rhythm of calm. You give your body a chance to merge into harmony in a new capacity to respond to touch by nurturing a dimension of prolonged pleasure and increased momentum of attuning to pleasure.

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