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What Happens During A Tantra Massage

Tantra massage is the ancient form that works on the body, mind, spirituality and sexuality. The Tantra massage is the world sole to the lovers for the benefits of bringing the new aspect to their sexual relationship. It is a deeper connection for a more fulfilling and richer sex life with the intimate knowing of one another.

People have a limitless power that they try to suppress for a long period and it is found at the genital area and they use a primitive act of the sex. However, such energy can be unfolded and unleashed so that the person may be able to achieve more.

The sexual energy is known to:

  1. Heal the mind and the body;
  2. To promote release of difficulties and sexual trauma, regardless if it can be because of giving birth or because of abuse. Other problems to address are premature ejaculation and impotence with the fear of the sexual commitment, intimacy and relationship;
  3. It grounds people in their body while it ignites the respect and self love;
  4. It awakens the people to reach the highest potential with the true self;
  5. It allows the person to reach to the enlightenment since it can happen to the human skin but not the escapism of other dimension;
  6. It supports the person to feel safe within his own skin and he can surrender to the natural flow of life;
  7. It encourages sex to turn to be the whole body and loving the experience without having any agenda and goals of the mind;
  8. It enriches the relationship with the true self and the relationship;
  9. It allows the senses to be awaken and to live a sensual live;
  10. Release the creative force which waves in or out of the daily lives.

The therapist will worship the entire body, soul and mind. It uses pure loving intention and feminine intuition. The Tantra massage ends according to the progress and the needs of the person. Contrary to the Tantra massage which can be shared between erotic masseurs and lovers, the Tantra therapist is capable to ignite the passion and the flames from within. The technique used is meant to massage such places and to create a new sensual level. The individual will be left behind to rest with a certain level of ecstasy and glow.

The massage includes a number of different Tantra massages. At the beginning, you are welcomed and you can talk about what you expect from the procedure. If it is your first time, you can be apprehensive and nervous.

Afterwards, you will be asked to take off the clothes so that you may wear the sarong. The sarong is the ceremonial robe to signify that the receiver and the giver are entering into the sacred space.

You will be though how to breathe significantly to help during the massage. You will then pass through the eye gazing rituals before having the massage itself. Most of the time, the massage may be given when the receiver and the giver are not wearing anything.

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